Joanna Lumley to open Harrods Summer Sale

'Wrestle someone to the floor to get the best bargain,' advises AbFab star
Joanna Lumley to open Harrods Summer Sale.

JOANNA LUMLEY has been hired to open the Harrods Summer sale, on 19 June.

Alongside recent owner Mohamed Al Fayed – now titled Harrods Honorary Chairman – the Absolutely Fabulous star and friend of the Gurkhars is to wear a Dolce&Gabanna get-up specially chosen by Harrods for the event.

"The Harrods Sale is one of London's premier summer fixtures and it is THE place to wrestle someone to the floor to get the best bargain and not get taken into custody!" joked Lumley.

"Who needs an excuse to shop? Just GO!"

Doors to the sale swing open at 9am.

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 2010-06-24 13:48.

why is the sale cut short it has always run till 24/25 july

Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 2010-06-22 17:29.

Joanna Lumley the hypocrite

Submitted by disgusted on Tue, 2010-06-15 15:06.

Shame on you Joanna - claiming to be a vegetarian animal rights supporter and then opening the sale of a shop that sells FUR!

Submitted by Anonymous on Sat, 2010-07-17 06:15.

I don't know why the sale this year at Harrods has been cut short. Perhaps it would be a good idea to contact the management, etc?

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