High School Musical, Zac Efron

Zac Efron is Troy Bolton...

Zachary David Alexander Efron

Zachary David Alexander Efron in High School Musical. (DISNEY CHANNEL/FRED HAYES). ©2006 DISNEY CHANNEL. All Rights Reserved

Full name: Zachary David Alexander Efron

Nickname: Hollywood

Date of birth: 18th October 1987

Height: 5' 10

Star sign: Libra

Born: San Luis Obispo, California

Lives: At home with his parents and younger brother Dylan

Pets: Two highly affectionate Australian Shepherds, Dreamer and Puppy, and a very independent Siamese cat named Simon

About his pets: "My dogs are crazy. They're always getting into some kind of trouble... but then again, they're my most loyal friends."

Favourite sports: Golf, skiing, rock climbing, snow-boarding and surfing

Favourite food: Sushi, Japanese, and exotic foods

Favourite book: "Robinson Crusoe" by Daniel Defoe

Favourite music: Anything but Country music

Instruments: Plays the Piano and is teaching himself to play the guitar

Favorite Movie: The Goonies

Coolest article of clothing: Gucci aviators

Most prized possession: Autographed baseball collection. "I've got almost every player from the GIANTS for the past 10 years, except Barry Bonds! I'm working on that"

Spends his spare time: Fixing up two cars -a Delorean and '65 Mustang convertible, both treasured hand-me-downs from his even-more-treasured grandfather

Dream car: Toyota Supra

Currently: Filming Hairspray with John Travolta

Acting credits: Zac appeared on-stage in "Peter Pan," "Auntie Mame", "Little Shop of Horrors" and "The Music Man". He had guest parts on numerous television series including "Firefly" (2002), "ER" (1994), "The Guardian" and "Summerland" (2004) where he joined the regular cast as girl-crazy Cameron Bale. He also starred as an autistic child in the television movie "Miracle Run" (2004).

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I lovvvvvvvvvv youuuuuuuuuuu

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vannessa is so horrid

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Zac, your the hottest guy ive ever seen, love you so much! Always will and will never meet someone who i love more than you! Good luck to you in the future, were all right behind you in everything you do! XX

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i think your HO, FIT, SEXY & MINE :P
i love you ZAC x ♥

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P.S - i love you more than Nicole Sexton in year 8 :D
she gay & im free for you :)
i love you <3♥♥♥

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so, i think you should have that 'chill pill' and get a life :D x

Zac is with Vanessa <3
so BYE :P

x love u ZAC x

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you are the hottest lad ever love you soo much n i hate u nessa

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Zachary David Alexander Efron

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