British Airways Pilots

Who have voted for strike action over staffing plans for BA OpenSkies, the airline's new transatlantic offshoot.

Avram Grant

The Chelsea manager has received anti-semitic death threats in a package containing white powder sent to the team's Cobham training ground. Surrey Police say lab analysis showed the powder to be harmless.

Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz

An honorary Londoner - in mayoral eyes at least - the 81 year old Cuban leader has confirmed his retirement.

Mohamed Al Fayed

The Harrods boss finally gets his day in the witness box at the Diana hearing in London's High Court. Expect fireworks.

Camden Market

On fire last week, 80 percent re-opened this in true Blitz Spirit, business-as-usual style.

Pete Doherty

Booked for a solo show at the Royal Albert Hall on 26 April. Tickets go on sale this Saturday.

Lindow Man

The 2,000 year-old Iron Age victim of a throat-cutting is being moved from the British Museum today to Manchester, nearer his ancestral home of Cheshire.

Jeremy Paxman

The tough-talking Newsnight ace is on a campaign to improve the quality of men's underwear. 'Even a sack of potatoes can be improved by a good pair of pants,' says Pantsman.

Tony Blair

US Investment bank JP Morgan is to pay our ex-PM UKP500,000 a year for 'insight on global political issues'.

Jeff Stewart

AKA Reg Hollis from The Bill, is in St. George's hospital, Tooting, after slashing his wrists when told he was sacked from the long-running London cop show.

Olga Kurylenko

The Ukrainian former model is 007's love interest in the new James Bond movie, which started filming at Pinewood yesterday.

HM The Queen

The 81 year old monarch has taken a shine to the Wii games console says a palace insider

Harry Potter

The Order of the Phoenix was the top draw at the UK box office last year, sending the latest Pirates of the Caribbean and Shrek movies into also-ran spots.

The Royal Marsden

London's leading cancer hospital which was ravaged by fire on Wednesday. Thankfully, all the patients and staff were evacuated safely.


The white stuff is heading for the capital say weather boffins