Prince Harry Flies Back into Media Censorship Storm


Royals block naked sex games pics from appearing in British press

Prince Harry Flies Back into Media Censorship Storm.

PRINCE HARRY flew back to Britain yesterday (22.08.12) into a media censorship storm, hours after pictures of him partying naked in Las Vegas were published online, by the tmz website.

In one picture, a nude Harry is shown with his hand covering his genitals, while a topless woman stands close by. In another, the naked prince is seen apparently mocking a from-behind sexual manoeuvre with a bare-naked woman.

The images were not published in British newspapers, after the royal family sent legal documents to editors and the Press Complaints Commission, effectively censoring the media from a right-to-privacy angle.

Newspaper editors were quick blame the Leveson Inquiry into phone-hacking and press conduct for their timidity. But it could be that the editors are cynically using this case as a stick with which to beat Leveson, since media sycophancy in the face of royal complaints goes back way past the current inquiry.

In 1999, for instance, Sophie, Countess of Wessex, was shown topless in The Sun and such was the royal reaction that the paper's editor was forced to issue a grovelling apology.

Prince Harry had no comments to make about the pictures, but friends say he is feeling "fairly bullish" and doesn't regret his wild antics.

One source told The Mirror: "He's not eating an awful lot of humble pie as I understand."

The incident is believed to have happened after Harry and his pals Tom 'Skippy' Inskip and Arthur Landon met some women in their hotel bar and invited them to their suite to play 'strip billiards'.

Though the group had a lot of fun, even their new pals were said to be shocked by Harry's antics.

A source told The Sun: "Everyone was drunk and they were playing a game of strip pool. Before long the prince was naked.

"The girls were having fun and thought he was a nice guy but they couldn't believe someone hadn't stopped things going so far."

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