London Cheapest City for Branded Stuff in Western Europe


Warsaw the best value in whole continent; Mumbai best in world

London Cheapest City for Branded Stuff in Western Europe.

LONDON is the cheapest city in western Europe to buy branded stuff, but for the real world-beating bargains you need to head for Mumbai.

Those are two of the findings of an international price comparison survey conducted by, who also found that Sydney was the world's priciest place for famous brand name products from the likes of Apple, Converse, McDonalds and Swatch, and that Europe's cheapest city was Warsaw.

Overall, London moved from sixth cheapest western European city in 2011, to fifth cheapest this year, despite the pound going up against the euro. For instance, a pair of classic Converse boots costs £44.99 in London compared with £76.99 in Oslo, £55.42 in Berlin or £55.48 in Paris.

"It's great to see that London is still one of Europe's cheapest cities for shopping," said Andrew Walker of

"With Christmas just around the corner, it's reassuring to know that some of the best deals are actually here in the UK."

Top 10 Cheapest Cities:
1. Mumbai, India
2. Bangkok, Thailand
3. New York, USA
4. Warszawa, Poland
5. Cape Town, South Africa
6. San Francisco, USA
7. Shanghai, China
8. Budapest, Hungary
9. Prague, Czech Republic
10. Dubai, UAE

Top 10 Cheapest European Cities:
1. Warsaw, Poland
2. Budapest, Hungary
3. Prague, Czech Republic
4. Vilnius, Lithuania
5. London, England
6. Lisbon, Portugal
7. Berlin, Germany
8. Wein, Austria
9. Dublin, Ireland
10. Copenhagen, Denmark

Top 10 Most Expensive Cities:
1. Sydney, Australia
2. Oslo, Norge
3. Tokyo, Japan
4. Sao Paulo, Brazil
5. Buenos Aires, Argentina
6. Stockholm, Sweden
7. Helsinki, Finland
8. Paris, France

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