Please Drive Your Cars to Work, Say Cycling Campaigners


Day of action aims to show petrol-heads that bikes help the traffic flow

Please Drive Your Cars to Work, Say Cycling Campaigners.

LONDON'S CYCLISTS have been urged to drive cars to work by leading cycling campaigners in a bid to reveal how bad traffic snarl ups would be if bikes didn't exist.

So far, over a hundred people have signed up via a new facebook page to join the London Drive to Work Day, which has been scheduled for Tuesday 11 December.

Adopting the sarcastic approach to grabbing attention, Dansky, Head of Training and Development at Cycle Training UK, has this to say on his drive to work stunt:

"Leave your bike at home, your Oyster card in the drawer, your walking shoes in the cupboard and join thousands of others on Tuesday 11th December for London's own Drive to Work Day.

"Experience the rush, the freedom of London streets empty of pesky cyclers and walkers. Laugh as you wizz [sic] by the empty buses and tubes!"

To maximise the impact of the Drive to Work Day, participants have been asked to follow a no car-sharing rule.

Getting into the spirit, cyclist Dave Rabin said that he is "going to drive really aggressively, do u-turns wherever I like, pull in without indicating, drive with a 1/2 inch gap in front, cut in to queues right before a red light, and overtake without bothering to pull out at all... see how those taxi and van drivers like it".

As revealed by cycling site, the Drive to Work Day has already attracted the interest of the AA motoring organisation.

"Interesting," tweeted Edmund King, AA president.

"Will cost £10 Congestion Charge, £45 parking, £12 petrol"

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